دانشجوي ارشدحسابداري طبس ورودي بهمن91 - مخخف اصطلاحات حسابداري درانگليسي
مخخف اصطلاحات حسابداري درانگليسي پنجشنبه دهم اسفند 1391 20

AAA American Accounting Association 
AAA Association of Accounting Administrators 
AAA-CPA American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants 
AACSB American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business 
AACSB International Association for Management Education 
AAFI Associated Accounting Firms International 
AAHCPA American Association of Hispanic CPAs 
ABA American Bar Association 
ABV Accredited in Business Valuation 
ACA Accreditation Council for Accountancy 
AcSEC Accounting standards Executive Committee 
ADAPSO Association of Data Processing Service Organizations 
AECC Accounting Education Change Commission 
AFA Accounting Firms Associated, Inc. 
AGA Association of Government Accountants 
AGI Accounting Group International 
AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 
AICPA PLUS AICPA Personal Liability Umbrella Security Plan 
AITF Audit Issues Task Force 
AMA American Management Association 
APB Accounting Principles Board 
APG Audit Program Generator 
APS Auditing Procedure Studies 
AR Advance Reading 
ARA Accounting Research Association 
ARAF Association Regional Accounting Firms 
ARE Accounting and Reporting 
ARIA Accounting Researchers International Association 
ARSC Accounting and Review Services Committee 
ASAE American Society of Association Executives 
ASB Auditing Standards Board 
ASEC Assurance Services Executive Committee 
ASWA American Society of Women Accountants 
AT Attestation Standards 
ATA American Taxation Association 
ATB Accountants Trial Balance 
ATRA American Tort Reform Association 
AWSCPA American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants 

BAP Beta Alpha Psi 
BIEC Business and Industry Executive Committee 
BOE Board of Examiners 
BV Business Valuation 

CA Chartered Accountants 
CAE Certified Association Executive 
CAI Computer-Assisted Instruction 
CAPA Federation of Accounting Institutions in East Asia 
CART Committee-Appointed Review Team 
CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board 
CAT Competency Assessment Tool 
CATS Computerized Accounting Tool Series 
CBO Congressional Budget Office 
CBT Computer Based Testing 
CCH Commerce Clearing House 
CD Certificate of Deposit 
CFP Certified Financial Planner 
CIA Certified Internal Auditor 
CIAS Center for Investment Advisory Services 
CICA Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants 
CITP Certified Information Technology Professional 
CMA Certified Management Accountant 
CPA Certified Public Accountant 
CPA/SEA Certified Public Accountants' Society Executives Association 
CPA2BIZ Profession's Vertical Portal 
CPE Continuing Professional Education 
CRS Congressional Research Service 
CSI Computer Security Institute 

D & T Deloitte & Touche LLP 
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency 
DLG Discussion Leader's Guide 
DM Discussion Memorandum 

E & Y Ernst & Young LLP 
EA Enrolled Agent 
EC Examination Committee 
ECSAFA Federation of Accounting Institutions in Africa 
ED Exposure Draft 
EDMAX Educational Management Exchange 
EDPAA EDP Auditors Association 
EDPAF EDP Auditors Foundation 
ELC Effective Legislation Committee 
ERB Examination Review Board 
ESCORP Examination Services Corporation 

FAE Foundation for Accounting Education 
FAF Financial Accounting Foundation 
FARE Financial Accounting and Reporting 
FAS Financial Accounting Standards 
FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board 
FASAC Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Committee 
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board 
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 
Fed Federal Reserve System - Board of Governors 
FEE Federation of Accounting Institutions in Europe 
FEI Financial Executives International 
FERF Financial Executives Research Foundation 
FGAA Federal Government Accountant's Association 
FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act 
FOF Firm-on-Firm Review 
FPA Financial Planning Association 
FR Federal Register 
FSA Federation of Schools of Accountancy 
FTC Federal Trade Commission 

G100 Group of 100 
GAAFR Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting 
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards 
GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards 
GAO General Accounting Office 
GAS Governmental Accounting Standards 
GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board 
GASBOC Governmental Accounting Standards Board Organizing Committee 
GFOA Government Finance Officers Association 
GSTT Generation Skipping Transfer Tax 

HFMA Health Care Financial Management Association 

IA International Affiliation of Independent Accounting Firms 
IAA Interamerican Accounting Association 
IAFP International Association for Financial Planning 
IAG International Auditing Guidelines 
IAHA International Association of Hospitality Accountants 
IAI Independent Accountants International 
IAPC International Auditing Practices Committee 
IASB International Accounting Standards Board 
ICFP Institute for Certified Financial Planners 
ID Instructor Dependent 
IDEA Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis 
IDI In-depth Interview 
IE Instructor Dependent Plus Expenses 
IFAC International Federation of Accountants 
IFAD International Federation for Accountancy Development 
IGAF International Group of Accounting Firms 
IGS Inspector Generals 
IIA Institute of Internal Auditors 
IMA Institute of Management Accountants 
INCFO Institute of Newspaper Controllers and Finance Officers 
IOSC International Organization of Securities Commission 
IQAB International Qualifications Appraisal Board 
IQEX International Qualification Examination 
IRB Internal Revenue Bulletin 
IRS Internal Revenue Service 
ISAs International Standards on Auditing 
ISB Independence Standards Board 
ISC International Steering Committee 
ISC International Strategy Committee 

JEEP Joint Ethics Enforcement Plan 

KM Knowledge Management 
KNET KnowledgeNet 

LLC Limited Liability Company 
LLP Limited Liability Partnership 
LOC Letters of Comment 
LOR Letters of Response 
LPR Business Law and Professional Responsibilities 
LS Litigation Services 

MAP Management of an Accounting Practice 
MCS Management consulting Services 

NAAACPA National Association of Asian American Certified Public Accountants 
NAAI National Association of Accountants in Insolvency's 
NAARS National Accounting Automated Research System 
NABA National Association of Black Accountants 
NAC National Accreditation Commission 
NAFC National Accounting and Finance Council 
NASAA North American Securities Administrators Association 
NASBA National Association of State Boards of Accountancy 
NCCPAP National Conference of CPA Practitioners 
NCUA National Credit Union Administration 
NSA National Society of Accountants 
NSAC National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives 

OCBOA Other Comprehensive Bases of Accounting 
OCC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 
OMB Office of Management and Budget 
OTS Office of Thrift Supervision 

PA Public Accountant 
PAC Political Action Committee 
PAR Public Accounting Report 
PcEEC Pre-certification Education Executive Committee 
PCPS Private Companies Practice Section 
PDI Professional Development Institute 
PFP Personal Financial Planning 
PFS Personal Financial Specialist 
PIP Process Improvements Project 
PM Participant's Manual 
POB Public Oversight Board 
PPC-CPE Practitioners Publishing Company - CPE 
PPI Producers Price Index 
PRB Peer Review Board 
PRC Peer Review Committee 
PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers 

QC Quality Control 
QCIC Quality Control Inquiry Committee 
QRP Quality Review Program 
QREC Quality Review Executive Committee 

RAB Report Acceptance Body 
RAP Regulatory Accounting Principles 
RFP Request for Proposal 
RIA Registered Investment Adviser 
RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 

S Seminar 
SAS Statements on Auditing Standards 
SBA Small Business Administration 
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission 
SECPS Securities and Exchange Commission Practice Section 
SFFAS Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 
SIFM Society of Insurance Financial Management 
SOP Statement of Position 
SRM Summary Review Memorandum 
SS State Society 
SSAE Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements 
SSARS Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services 
SSCS Statements on Standards for Consulting Services 
SSLLC Shared Services LLC 
SSMAS Statements on Standards for Management Advisory Services 
SSTS Statements on Standards for Tax Services 

TB Technical Bulletin 
TC Team Captain 
TIC Technical Issues Committee 
TIPS Technical Information for Practitioners Series 
TM Team Member 
TRPs Technical Resource Panels 

UEC Union Europeene des Experts Comptables Economiques et Financiers 
UMI University Microfilms, Inc. Of Ann Arbor, MI 
USTC United States Tax Court 

VAI Video-Assisted Instruction 
VTPR Voluntary Tax Practice Review 

WLWIEC Work/Life and Women's Initiatives Executive Committee 

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